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We are happy to announce that we now offer grooming.

Heather Harris is our groomer and we are excited to

have her be part of our business.

She does an excellent job and is a professional

friendly lady who loves pets.electing the options from the toolbar.

Heather has lots of experience grooming dogs. Additionally, She has experience in showing, handling and training dogs. Most importantly, She LOVE DOGS! Please check her out and share her page! ~~Happy Grooming!~~

$~30 bath, brushing, haircut, nails, ears and anal gland expression

$~15-20 bath, brush, nails, ears and anal gland expression...

$5 nails, ears and anal gland expression

$3 nails only

** De-fleaing, De-skunking and minor De-matting @ NO extra charge **

Prices can vary depending on breed and work needed done. This is a pretty fair approximation of our price range, however.

Call Heather today and schedule your pets appointment.

717-250-7582g part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.